Bennet and Udall Vote against Colorado Workers

If you are a legal US Citizen out of a job, a member of a construction union, or for that matter—any Union in Colorado you should know that Colorado Senators Bennet and Udall sided with radical immigration activists, unscrupulous union organizers, and government contractors that don’t want to pay union wages, along with 50 other Democrats, to make it much harder for you to find work, especially contracting work on government stimulus projects. They did so by voting to table e-verify legislation, in effect killing the program, which had been oked in the house for 5 more years. E-Verify is the only official U.S. government source that provides employers in the United States with real-time data that takes the subjectivity out of verifying migrant employment eligibility. Find out more about e-Verify by going to the Department of Homeland Security website by clicking here.

With e-verify mandated to be required by all government contractors by July 9th 2009 and signing up 1200 employers a week with 94% accurate means of verifying undocumented workers, the database was making it difficult for undocumented workers to find work and was starting to dispatch illegal residents home. This of course, would have made it easier for union and non-union US citizens to find work for American wages. It would accomplish what the American people have overwhelmingly been asking for since 2000—but like the border fence, it never found honest support from the legislature and bureaucracy

With American union support, how could Udall and Bennet find the courage to vote against the American worker, you might ask? Udall receives significant support from your union dollars (he received over $400,000 from Unions during the last election and Bennet is doing everything he can to earn his share of your union money. They both are counting on union activism to provide get out the vote activities. The dirty truth might be hard to swallow. But think about this unpleasant possibility. What if your union wanted to organize those undocumented workers after the same fifty senators vote to provide amnesty? What if they also voted for card check to make easier to unionize jobsites without closed elections?

Anyway you look at it the recent Senate vote could leave you competing with 12,000,000 extra workers in the brotherhood.. Wages are determined by supply and demand, so union wages will drop. The Democratic Party and your union are happy because they have more members, fees and votes, the Contractors and other employers are happy because wages are lower, and who is left holding the bag.. Could it be you again?. If I were you, I would be seriously rethinking my support of the Democratic party and paying real close attention to assuring my union was supporting my interests.

Bennet and Udall both say they favor “fixing” Immigration. To us at Legiwatch it appears that their idea of “fixing” involves putting in the “fix” for amnesty.

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